Sunday, June 12, 2016

Grateful Bunch

It has been a stressful month. I've received resignation notices from four employees and it's only the second week. It saddens me when people leave. I've been told that it's due to the change my employer is implementing. Too many changes, it's not the company I signed-up for, everything's changing too fast, etc. Yet, they'd leave a company they've known for many years and go somewhere else that is completely new. How's that for a "too much of a sudden change excuse"? I find that contradictory. Besides, change is not the culprit here. Change is all around and it happens every single minute of our every day. It happens whether we want it or not and for goodness sake, don't blame change. I have so much respect for people who leave because they just know it's time to go and they do so quietly and with a grateful heart. Best wishes and Godspeed. Blame and regret are not necessary. Thank you for the memories and for your years of service. Just go and be on your way. You don't need to take everybody with you. I saw a pin on Pinterest that said, "If you don't like the view, move. You're not a tree!" I just love it! It's so true. It's true for me, too. I am where I'm at because for all intents and purposes, it still serves me and my family well and for the most part I still find joy in it. Change actually keeps me on my toes and inspires me to do better without having to uproot completely. It keeps things fresh and new. I don't know about you, but when someone presents me with a challenge, my response is, "Bring it, because you have no idea who you're dealing with!" It's scary and awesome at the same time. Sometimes it's good to be scared. And when everything has been said and done and I've survived the storm, I will sit back and ask, "Is that all you've got?" Because that's how it's done, baby. Let's make it happen. 
It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” 

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I am also a big fan of Grey's Anatomy. I might be the last one left, since it's been around for so long everybody probably already moved on to other shows. Haha. Anyway, one of my favorite characters was Christina Yang. She was so badass and I just adored how brave and brilliant she was. So, I want to share this pin from Pinterest of one of her awesome dialogues. I know, I know, I'm so cheesy. Oh well. have a great week, everyone.


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