Friday, March 17, 2017

Avant Garden

Sometimes it's really disheartening the things some people can get away with. These same people expect and ask so much out of their subordinates yet the same expectations simply do not apply to them. They give deadlines for other people to adhere to, but it's acceptable if they themselves don't deliver. Perhaps they are overwhelmed, too busy or have too much going on. Whatever the reason may be. It's just so unfair that lately, the word that comes to my mind each time is demoralizing. "The things some people can get away with", sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, doesn't it? 

Over two decades ago, I was working for this amazing non-profit organization in Juneau, Alaska that helped train and find jobs for individuals with disabilities. I am so grateful to this company because it accommodated my schedule while I was in college as a single mom raising my son. I believe that they really gave me my start in accounting and somehow directed me to where I am now. The leaders of that organization at that time were some of the nicest people I'd ever met. They were so down to earth and very kind. I was even more fortunate to have been mentored by one of the sharpest women ever, Peggy Schick, who happened to share the same birthday as mine. She to-date is the only one I'd ever known who truly has photographic memory and boy, was she brilliant with numbers. I also remember her to drink at least three pots of decaf coffee all day! Smile. I was very young and often overwhelmed with my job, school and of course being a single mom. I was at times a wreck, to put it mildly. I remember this one afternoon, she called me in her office, closed the door and I was certain that I was about to get fired. I did not. Whew! Peggy sat me down and told me that she believed I had so much potential and that I was destined to shine...if only I learn to manage my TIME. She said that she could relate that my plate was overflowing because she lived my life. She raised two daughters on her own, went to school and worked. And the one thing that made it all bearable was that she took a moment each morning to gather her thoughts and populate her tasks according to priority. Peggy said there would be days when I'd only get to do the really important things on my list and that's fine, because most "stuff" that we stress over really aren't that critical. From then on, I had followed her advice that to this day twenty two years later still serves me as my guide. This card is for you, Peggy. Thank you for taking the time to recognize my potential. I think of you more than you realize.

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