Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Acorny Thank You

I am very fortunate to have been raised by four amazing grandparents and two great-grandmothers. As I get older and as I look back at my childhood I am reminded of all the things they taught me. It's not surprising that at the most unexpected moments, I'd remember and suddenly be transported to that particular time when I was learning a lesson from them. The other day as I was cooking fried rice, I could have sworn I smelled my paternal grandma next to me. I heard her telling me "saute the garlic well, but don't burn". I felt her hands touch mine as she was showing me how to hold the wok (kawali) firmly as I stir the rice with a metal cooking spoon (sandok). She showed me how to crack an egg on the side of the wok and spread it around on top of the rice. And that was just one thing. She showed me life. So much of myself is made of what I learned from her. 

I lost three grandparents in September. I always get into a real funk around this month, but this year I want to remember their lives instead of their deaths. It's been five years today since my paternal grandma died. I want to remember my Inang for helping me become the kind of person that I am today. I lived with my paternal grandparents almost all of my life growing up. I heard it from my Inang a thousand times before, "I brought you home from the hospital after you were born, yada, yada." So, it's evident that many things about me came from them. I know I got my sass from my paternal grandmother. People said she was mean. Perhaps because she was this tiny person with a huge personality who was not scared of anyone. She spoke her mind and she did not care what others thought or would say about her. She was fierce. She walked fast and she moved swiftly. She loved to shop and she was always well-dressed in her tailored pant suit or dresses, hair immaculately coiffed, manicured and pedicured nails and she was always fragrant compliments of expensive perfumes my aunt from Canada sent her. She wore jewelry, but not too much. Just enough to show-off she had class, but never to appear arrogant. She sure loved her diamantes. She was always "dressed to kill", she would tell me. She went to church twice a week and was quite forceful that we did, too. I'm so thankful for her and I just miss her so.

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