Sunday, July 31, 2016

Christmas in July

I don't know if it's getting older or stress or perhaps both, but I've been seeing my dead paternal grandmother in my dreams lately. Two days ago, as I was getting ready for work and I had this black top on trying accessories I was suddenly taken back to a memory in my childhood with my grandma standing in front of a mirror getting dressed. I'm not completely certain if it was a dream or something that actually happened when I was a little girl. Heck, it was probably from a movie or a book I read years ago. Who knows? Have you ever had moments like that? You'd be going about your day like you always do and then all of a sudden you'd stop and try to recall if you've done that same exact thing before sort of like deja vu? I notice that it's been happening to me a lot the past four months or so. I get flashbacks. Some are just bits and pieces, faces from my past, voices of people I've met, places I've been to. Then there are some that I've stuffed way deep down my memory vault and they emerge with such clarity I'd sometimes have to take a really deep breath and remind myself that the past can no longer hurt me. 

Anyway, my memory of this particular event was so vivid. We were in my grandmother's room in front of her vanity and she was wearing a custom tailored black dress with black lace on the collars subtly tucked in on the lapel. She put on her diamond stud earrings and a long gold necklace with a medallion/locket pendant, then she looked down at me and said, "Gold always with black - always." She spritz perfume on her with her eyes closed and then walked out. So, I too, grabbed a gold necklace with a compass pendant that morning to go with my black top. The entire day my grandma was on my mind. I thought I even smelled her at one point while I was on the phone. I believed she was with me that day. For no particular reason, perhaps just to remind me that she loved me and that she's still looking out for me. Oh, how I miss her so. 

When I see my kids, nieces and nephew with my mom, it always makes me wonder if they will carry with them the same feelings as I have for my grandparents when they become adults. I hope they will. Different types of memories for sure, but fondness and longing will be there nonetheless. 

Oh well, I want to share with you these cards we made in our Christmas in July Cards class two weeks ago. Aren't they all so adorable? 
Snow Place stamp set with Snow Friends Framelits Dies
Flurry of Wishes stamp set with Flower Medallion and Snow Flurry Punches. 
Reason for the Season stamp set with Festive Flower Builder Punch. I love traditional Christmas cards and colors. That's the Christmas I know so naturally, I always circle back to that no matter what the trend is. 
Peaceful Pines stamp set with Perfect Pines Framelits Dies and Oh, What Fun stamp set for the sentiment
Moroccan Nights stamp set - not really a Christmas stamp but they looked like ornaments to me as soon as I saw them, so I gave it a shot. Not bad, right?
Thank goodness, I managed to post these cards while it's still July. My life has been so hectic I've even been too tired to make cards. Well, that's all for now, have a great Sunday, everyone! Thank you for stopping by.
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 2016 Paper Pumpkin

This month's Paper Pumpkin kit is absolutely darling. Perfect party favors for a baby shower or gifts to co-workers. Have fun watching the video. So easy to put together - that's the beauty of Paper Pumpkin.

Well, I hope you are already a Paper Pumpkin subscriber. If not, it's not too late to join the fun an creativity in a box. If you're a paper crafter like me, please give it a chance. You can cancel it anytime if you're not completely satisfied. 

Please sign-up by August 10th in order to receive next month's kit by going to and please remember to choose me as your Stampin' Up! demonstrator: Melinda Pascual.

Thank you for stopping by!
Monday, July 18, 2016

Botanical Blooms

Happy Monday, everyone! I had such a busy weekend. My nephew is visiting for a couple of weeks and staying with his cousins at my mom's. Poor grandma, I bet she is exhausted. She's definitely enjoying her grandkids that's for sure. Last Saturday, we all went to see Secret Life of Pets. It was a very cute movie and the kids had fun. I don't go to the movies much, but when I do I really find it relaxing. It was definitely a treat. Yesterday, I took all 3 kids plus my daughter to The Habit for lunch then we had dessert at Rita's Italian Ice. I love those kids and they are all so silly and funny - but boy there is a reason kids do grow-up. Eight hours with them full of energy and pumped up with ice cream can send anyone to bed early. Haha. With my 22 year old son and 15 year old daughter, I've been ignored a lot. They do their own stuff and occasionally they give me the nod or I will see them open the fridge. So, I don't get much interaction with kids for a long stretch of time - say like a whole day. It was a good reality check for me to watch them play with some of my kids old toys. A part of me missed my children being small and a bigger part of me was very glad that they're grown. Such is life, you know - as the children get older so do the parents. But seeing my mom dote and care for her grandkids always make me whisper a little prayer of thankfulness Above that she's still strong, healthy and able to do so much. We are all so very lucky to have her.

Well, I thought I had already posted this card awhile back only to realize that I have not - because of that, some of the items on this card have already retired such as: Hello Honey, Mossy Meadow and Blackberry Bliss ink and cardstocks, Hexagon Hive Thinlits, Decorative Dots Embossing folder and Label Bracket punch. Some of the of products used to create this card are below. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pop of Paradise

I bumped into a former colleague recently and after a couple of minutes of hello, good to see you kind of thing, she asked me if I'm still happy at work. I've been with the same employer for almost a dozen years and although it was a legitimate question it still caught me by surprise. It shocked me more when I responded pretty quickly with a, "sadly, I still am". She then laughed because she knows my odd sense of humor and said, "that's great to hear". We hugged, said our goodbyes and I walked away smiling because I realized that I totally meant what I just said. Sure, I've had moments when I get so frustrated with situations and with people, but the good days are greater than the bad ones by a long shot. Perhaps, that's why with the quantity of people coming and going recently, it kind of makes me feel that perhaps I might be too human to be a Human Resource manager. 

So, do you really know when it's time to quit your current job? Is there a deadline or a time frame? I'm no expert, but I believe that once you start to dread or worse, fear coming to work then it's time to look for something else. A little fear is good for your psyche. It keeps you on your toes and keeps things fresh and new, but terrified on the edge of a nervous breakdown is unhealthy. I think it's okay to hate your job sometimes, but if you feel this way every single day - then it's definitely time for change. Also my number one personal gauge is, gratitude. When you don't feel an iota of gratitude or appreciation for your employer anymore then it's time. Do not wait for it to get so bad that you end up bad mouthing the company that pays for your bills and provides for your family. It's just bad juju. In a nutshell, if it's such a bad marriage, why the heck are you still in it, right? I don't think you should leave a job when you're angry. Anger makes you do stupid things. And I am a firm believer of having a replacement job before turning in your notice. Unless you're close to retiring, won the super lotto or inherited millions from a dead relative, I'd have a job lined-up.  

Oh well, enough of work talk. I want to share this really cute card created with Pop of Paradise stamp set. Pink flamingos are also everywhere. I was at H&M the other day and I saw shorts with pineapples and a top with pink flamingos. I suppose owls are out of fashion. Haha! 

Well, thank you for stopping by. Below is the list of products used to create this card. 
Monday, July 4, 2016

Painter's Palette

I am so grateful for the three day weekend. It's amazing what an extra day-off can do. I finished all my chores yesterday morning then took a long nap in the afternoon. I so love naps. It's a vacation in itself. Seriously! Today, I finished preparing for my cards class next Saturday. We will be creating Christmas cards already! I can't believe this year's half way over. I love the holidays, the weather, the boots, sweaters and scarves, the lights, and the Christmas music. 
I just love adding a DSP on the envelope flap. It finished the card real nice, don't you agree?
I want to share this really cute and colorful birthday card using the new stamp set called Painter's Palette and the coordinating paper pack. It's a bit tedious to put together, but oh so adorable. I love the new In Colors 2016-2018. Although, I must admit that I did not like them in the beginning. After creating a couple of cards using them, they are actually very nice and sweet. The colors remind me of icing on cupcakes. This just goes to show that I am constantly thinking about food. Haha! 

Well, that's all I have for today. Thank you for stopping by. The list of products used to create this card is below.