Friday, June 17, 2016

The Open Sea

To say that it's been an emotional week for me is the understatement of the year. I try every day to remind myself to separate my emotions from whatever it is that's going on at work. Some days, I'm successful and often, it keeps me up at night. It's not easy not to take things personally when you have been doing the same thing for twelve years and it's really hard not to get attached to people when you've worked together just as long. Someone I met very recently told me about how damaging having friends at work can be. All I could think of was, these people are my second family. I spend most of my waking hours with them. I laugh, cry, share meals with them and celebrate special occasions and birthdays with them. We fight, get frustrated with each other and also forgive each other. That's not just friendship, that is the definition of family. So, when I say goodbye to any of them, no matter the circumstances it still gets to me. Oh well, I will be fine. A little card making and a glass of wine will soothe me. 

My husband has been such an awesome source of support for me especially lately when I'd come home looking so discouraged. He's my anchor. Truly. So, this card is for him - my childhood sweetheart, my best friend and one true love. Happy Father's Day, love.
I CASED this card from a swap I received from Karin Braxton last year at Convention. I just changed the colors and sentiment. 

This stamp set called The Open Sea has just been recently retired, but I know it's an absolute keeper. 


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