Sunday, August 23, 2015

Best Thoughts

I meant to post earlier today, but I had errands this morning that took pretty much most of my day. Weekends are way too short. I swear, by the time I go to the grocery store and get a few loads of laundry done, it's Monday again and must return to the office. Well, the first week back to school for my daughter went smoothly. When I dropped her off to high school that first day, I had a déjà vu. It felt like not too long ago I dropped off my son to that same school. Here I go again, I thought to myself. It was sort of bittersweet thinking that this four years will be my last. My last high schooler. As I watched her walk away from me that morning, my memories took me back to her first day of kindergarten. I remember how she cried and did not want for us to leave. My husband who is such a big softie when it comes to his little girl, stayed around for awhile until I dragged him away. It seems to me the years went by way too quickly just like how weekends are. One minute they are little kids holding on to you begging you not to leave them and then they are teenagers who have time for everyone else except you. Yet, through all these and even many years later, your heart stays hanging on a thread ready to drop if something happens to them - no matter how old they become...or how old you get. 

Oh well, I want to share a really simple card today using a stamp set called Best Thoughts. This is one of the exclusive Host Sets.

To order products used to make the card above, please click below. You can also print the supply list by clicking Supply List on the left bottom corner. 

That's all for now. Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful week, everyone!
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