Friday, June 5, 2015

RIP Bama Johnson

My paternal grandfather who raised me was a sepulturero in the Philippines aka gravedigger aka undertaker. Grim as it sounds, the cemetery was my playground when I was a little girl. Grandpa used to always say that death had a smell. He could always smell death on people and on places. I was not sure there was any truth to this until last night when I visited our family dog, Bama. Like I wrote in a recent post, she was not doing well. I understood last night what my grandfather meant. I smelled death on Bama and felt certain that she did not have very long. I even told my brother-in-law that Bama was ready to go. I sat with her for a little bit and while I was stroking her head I whispered to her ear to go and be with Daddy Russell. I told her it was okay to go. I told her that we are going to miss her so much, but she did such a great job taking care of everybody that we will be just fine. It was the oddest thing, she looked at me then closed her eyes and put her head down as if she nodded in agreement. All night, I was restless. You know that feeling when you have butterflies in your tummy, as if you're anticipating something that's about to happen but you are not sure what it is? I had that feeling of anxiety. So, when my baby sister called me this morning that Bama has passed on, I was not shocked. Yet, it did not stop me from sobbing uncontrollably while I reached for my car keys and drove off to our mom's house. I found Bama lying on the floor in the garage, lifeless. I patted her, closed her eyes and said my goodbye. She was still very warm. I phoned the pet clinic immediately and they told me what to do. My sister and I cleaned Bama up some and then wrapped her up in an old rug the whole time crying our eyes out. My sister's friend who has a truck came to help us transport Bama's body to the pet clinic to be cremated. Before I left, I went back, took out her collar and pet her one last time. I slowly walked away and just like that, she was gone. How quickly life slips away, doesn't it?

For something that is supposed to be final, death is remarkably exhausting. How can something that cause so much ache leave you numb at the same time? Rest in Peace, Bama. Until we meet again. You gave us ten years of your life. You've earned a fast pass to Rainbow Bridge. 
This is how I want to always remember you, Bama. You're a Super Dog!
Bama, I think you are AMAZING, I just want to let you know.
This is called Joy Fold card. The stamp set is called Lovely Romance (recently retired)
Inside of the Joy Fold card

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