Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From My Heart

It has been quite sometime since I shared an experience with you, so I am going to take advantage of this post and do just that. Yesterday morning as I was standing by my kitchen sink about to do the dishes before I went to work, I suddenly felt this very sharp, stabbing pain on the lower left side of my back. Sadly, I was not surprised, as it was a familiar pain. I was having this pain late last year and found out it was caused by a kidney stone. I thought I somehow miraculously passed it since I have not felt any pain in a couple of months. It returned with a vengeance. I quickly grabbed the bottle of my pain medication and took one with half a glass of water. From my kitchen I crawled to the living room couch while sobbing and calling out my dead grandmother while praying, "Please God, don't let me die today because it was my sister's birthday." As soon as I got to the couch, I sent a text to my husband and told him of my situation and that I should probably call 911. Then I managed to phone my sister to greet her and carried on a ten minute conversation with her about her birthday plans. I told her I loved her and prayed that it was not the last time I'd get to tell her that. I took another pain pill hoping they would kick in soon before I pass out. By then I knew I wasn't going to be able to drive to work, so I phoned my boss and told him I was not well and will not be in. My hubby showed-up shortly after that and told me we were going to the hospital. I did not argue.

I was seen right away by a nurse who took my information, my vitals, gave me a shot of Toradol, which wiped away the pain in nano seconds. It was like magic, to slowly feel the pain dissipate from my exhausted was awesome. I was at that very moment so grateful for the brilliant people who invented pain medications. After the CT scan and blood work, my hubby and I waited in the lobby for the results and then waited some more for a vacant room so we could see a doctor. We waited for nine hours. I kept thinking I could have gone to work or drove to Vegas in all that time! I reminded myself of what my son always told my daughter, "Patience is a virtue." My patience surely got tested all day. Thank goodness to the Pinterest app on my phone which kept me busy. I pinned like a mad woman. The Stampin' Up! catalog that I keep in my car also saved me. I took my time looking at every page, made a wish list and looked at it some more.

A couple of days ago I was complaining to my hubby that we never go out on dates or do anything together. Well, we sat next to each other for a whole nine hours, we talked, laughed at other people (sorry, but we needed entertainment), we took a nap on each others' shoulders, held hands and shared a meal courtesy of the vending machines. It was definitely not my idea of a dream date, but I was with my dream guy and I was pretty happy. I have never been more grateful for his company. I learned a few things about myself yesterday. I learned that I could be such a snob. I did not talk to anyone else the entire time. Me, chatty Cathy who can approach a stranger in a circus! I kept to myself because...I am ashamed to admit that I didn't feel like anyone there was worth my time. Then again, perhaps I was just unwell and didn't feel like starting a conversation with anyone. I can be such a germ freak. I was afraid to touch anything. I learned that if I get stranded in an island, I would pick my husband of two decades to take with me. We can laugh at anything. He is my better half and without him, I'd just be flappin' around incomplete. I learned that I will know better next time and not return to the ER unless I am bleeding to death or nearly dying. I've never appreciated my iPhone more than I did yesterday. I am glad that I have books downloaded in it and my apps served me well. Mostly, I learned that I need to take better care of myself or else my husband will take someone else to an island :-).

Sentiment is from the stamp set From My Heart (W 126555 C 126557)

That's all I have for today. Good night and thank you for stopping by.

PS: There was no McDreamy in the ER.


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