Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Message to my Son

My dearest Son,
     You are eighteen years old today. It IS indeed a very special day. I know it's a cliche when we hear people say, "It seems just like yesterday..." It's true though, it seems not too long ago when I held this tiny baby boy in my arms with thick black hair and now you are by definition an adult. You make me so proud every single day. When I look at the young man that you've become it's awfully hard for me not to feel emotional. Eighteen's a milestone for the both of us. It's bittersweet: watch you go out on your way to college while hoping that your dad and I did a good enough job in preparing you for the real world. As your mom, a part of me wishes that you could stay little and will always want me by your side. Then again, I believe it's every parent's hope and dream to see their children as independent, responsible and self-sufficient individuals. I hope all of those for you and more.

A few weeks ago, you asked me what I want for you and your sister to be when you grow up. Jokingly, I quickly replied, "I want you both to stay out of prison." You laughed and said, "Wow, you sure don't have high standards." But I do know that you know my heart and that all I've ever wanted is for you and your sister to do whatever brings you the most joy. Ever since you were six years old, all you've ever wanted to do was to dance. You did soccer and basketball, even got a black belt in Karate - but you always go back to your passion, dancing. You always tell me that you're happiest when you're choreographing, dancing or listening to music. You've known at a very young age what you wanted to be when you grow up and I envy you for that. 

I am indebted to your passion for dance, because it kept you out of trouble. Dance gave you the discipline to set goals and tools to achieve them. Dance gave you a sense of commitment and it kept your momentum. High School is rough, with pressures coming from other kids, teachers, authorities and the society as a whole; dance was your instrument. Dance kept you sane and focused in a world filled with chaos and stress. A week ago you told me that you wish you did more fun things in high school. You feel that you missed out on so many things/parties because you wanted to do well in school and maintain your GPA; that you spent most of your free time in Dance Club or with your dance crew. You feel a little bit cheated. Son, it doesn't seem like it now, but trust me that high school is only a blip in your lifetime and you have already performed wonderfully. Twenty years from now, you'd look back and not remember many faces or recall names, but you will always remember that you danced.

 Happy birthday, my dear son and please know that you and your sister are my greatest achievements in this lifetime. I am so very blessed. Thank you for giving me the world. May you always dance. I love you.
                                                                                                                           Mom xoxo

The stamp set I used on this card isn't from Stampin' Up! It's from Tim Holtz and I just had to have it because it summarized the message I want to convey to my son.

Paper: Very Vanilla, Soft Suede and Not Quite Navy card stocks.
Ink: Crumb Cake and Soft Suede.
Accessories: Antique Brads and Crochet Trim Chantilly Ribbon.

That's it for now. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Madamae Wu, you are an awesome mom and your kids are wonderful. He is quite fortunate to have you. It must feel great to see your son grow up as a responsible, smart and passionate man. My son is only two and some months. He is great but every now and then I hear myself say, "please don't mess this up."
    It's scary being a parent. My son is my world, too. Right now I know I am his world. I just want to hold on to this for as long as I can.

    Happy Thursday! And congratulations to you and your son on a new journey.