Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

I remember Easter Sunday in the Philippines as a joyous celebration. At dawn of Easter Sunday, we used to go to church to join the "Salubong" (the meeting). There would be life size statues of the resurrected Christ and Virgin Mary in a procession to meet, usually outside in front of the church. It re-enacts the reunion of Jesus and Mary after the Resurrection. The statue of Virgin Mary would be wearing a black veil as a symbol or mourning for the death of her Son. A girl dressed as an angel sings and then slowly removes Mary's black veil to signify the end of Mary's grieving. I remember doves being freed into the air, choir singing, church bells ringing and fireworks, followed by the Easter mass. I have not celebrated Easter in the Philippines in over twenty years. Someday, I would like to bring my kids back home around that time so they can see and experience the stories I always tell them about. I would like them to see a little bit of my childhood.

I almost dialed the phone to call my grandma two days ago. I used to always phone her around Holy Week. It pinched my heart to remember she's no longer alive. Oh, how I miss the sound of her voice.  

I made this very simple Easter card last night which can also be used for Sympathy card, just change the sentiment. The stamp is not Stampin' Up! I am truly enjoying my short vacation at home. I have been making cards and broaches/pins. I even made a few hair clips using the new Summer Smooches fabric. I will share photos next week.

That's it for today. I have to start cooking, my sister and her family are coming over for lunch in a few hours so I better get started. Have a wonderful Easter, everyone! Please stop by again soon.


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