Sunday, September 11, 2016

Awesomely Artistic

Sleep has been an elusive thing for me the past couple of months or so. I'm lucky to get three hours of sleep a night which means there's not been any recovery from exhaustion. My brain simply does not shut down. I'm constantly thinking of tasks to do and reviewing in my head if I did everything in my checklist before I went to bed. I'm falling apart. I've had stomach issues that won't go away and my headache has been a part of my daily life. I saw my doctor a couple of weeks ago and she was surprised that for someone who normally has low blood pressure, it was quite high. She asked me if I was under a lot of stress lately. I really didn't think I was. I've been busy in all facets of my life, but no more than what I'm used to. Having my monthly Cards class helped me relax/unwind yesterday. It's always so wonderful to get together with my ladies. 

This afternoon, I took a very well-deserved nap. It's amazing how naps come on much easier. Not much trying required there. I just fell into a deep sleep that it was almost dinner when I woke-up and even then, I still couldn't open my eyes. I bet I could nap for hours if I only allowed myself to. You know what this means? I'd be up all night again. Haha. 

Oh well, this stamp set called Awesomely Artistic is one of my new favorites. The possibilities are endless with all the images in this set. I'm sure it's going to be a keeper.
The key to achieve the look of this card is the Shimmery White paper (101910)
Well, that's all I have for today. Thank you for stopping by. Below is the list of products I used to create the card above. 


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