Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Serene Silhouettes

In my forty-five years here on earth, I am happy to say that I don't know very many profoundly vile people. I know of them from the news and whatnot, but to say that I have personally encountered evil people, I have known two. The first one died when I was a child and the second one I have not seen or heard from in 24 years. I recently ran into a dreadful incident that made me remember what my grandfather used to say, "beware of wolves in sheep clothing." I've prided myself to be a good judge of character. Then again, I suppose some people can develop their talents and become pros at putting on a show to get what they want no matter the cost. It bothers me that many of them even get to use the excuse of having a rough childhood or abusive relationships to justify their actions. To me, that's a cop-out to admitting and correcting one's misbehavior. I've had to survive many things that to this day still cause me nightmares. Yet, I have never felt that my past gives me a license to lie, cheat or manipulate other people to get what I want. Everything I have I've had to work and fight for...and not once did I ever use the excuse that I'm broken to step on someone or maliciously throw people under the bus. If anything, my past sustained me to always try to be kinder and more generous to others. I've been really feeling hurt and discouraged, but I know my truth and I am going to keep taking deep breaths and move-on. Luckily, I am a firm believer of karma and that the truth eventually wins.  

Enough of my litany, I want to share this card we made in class using the retiring Serene Silhouettes stamp set and the beautiful Designer Series Paper Timeless Elegance. This DSP sold out (sorry) and I am so glad I was able to snag a couple of packs because it's definitely a "must hoard" item. This card was so easy to create and did not require a lot of supplies. I just love cards like that, don't you? It can also easily be used for whatever occasion or sentiments. 

Well, that is all for now. Thank you for stopping by. Products used to create this card are listed below. 


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