Thursday, October 24, 2013

True Love

I believe that a single decision changed my life forever. Twenty years ago today dressed in Levi's jeans, white t-shirt and a pair of Tretorn shoes, witnessed by my dear grandmother and aunt, I married my husband in the municipal hall officiated by the mayor of our hometown. There was no wedding cake, no guests, not even a wedding ring. My husband and I kissed and promised each other our love and devotion until death do us part. And the rest is history.

Surely, after twenty years of marriage most of the romance was replaced by duties and chores. Over the years, working and raising our children have been the main focus of our daily lives. Admittedly, sometimes I feel like we've forgotten how to just be a couple anymore. We're parents, so it frightens me to think how we're going to cope once the nest is empty. Perhaps we can travel then. To be able to just get in the car and drive. In the mean time, I am grateful that I have been married to my childhood sweetheart just about half of my life. Every so often, I'd still catch a glimpse of that boy I met thirty years ago and without fail still feel butterflies in my stomach. Just a few weeks back, we met at Safeway (yep you got it, Safeway) so I could shop during my lunch break and he could then bring the groceries home. I was standing in the middle of the cereal aisle when he walked towards me with a smile and winked. Just like that, my knees weakened, my heart skipped a beat and time stood still even just for a very brief moment. I guess that's how I know that after all these many years, he is still the one for me. There was no extravagant wedding, but he's made me so happy and given me the most amazing marriage...dull and uneventful to many, full of butterflies, nonetheless.

I wanted to make this card colorful, but since it's for my husband I thought he'd appreciate this more. I used Papillon Potpourri and Best of Butterflies stamp set. I had the sentiment custom made in the Philippines. Huge thanks to my Tita Ising who had it done for me. She is awesome!

Well, that's all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by.


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